Do you believe that a charming smile could change one’s mood and perspective? How would you feel if someone you like at school smiles at you and shows off those perfect white teeth? How about the smile of your favorite movie star that’s enough to make your heart flutters up and down? Do you have the desire to smile like that too? Of course you do! The big question is how would that be possible when you’re not even a movie icon? Cosmetic Dentist Chicago could definitely help you to have that smile just like them. We are well aware that there could be natural circumstances that could happen in our lives that affect our appearance especially our teeth. There are some people who are born with small teeth which results spaces in between that isn’t really nice to look at. This can be remedied anywhere in Chicago like the Lakeview porcelain veneers which can be one solution in correcting the spaces in between the teeth.

Porcelain veneers are dental materials that are very thin and are used by dentists to correct tooth imperfections such as stained teeth, spaces in between teeth, malpositioned teeth and cracked teeth. Wrigleyville porcelain veneers are also known to be used to solely beautify the appearance of the teeth making it bright or sparkling for social occasions especially for celebrities and models.

If you have decided to have those Lakeview porcelain veneers, you must bear in mind that it will be applied after several consultation. Upon your first consultation, you must be open to your Cosmetic dentist Chicago on what you want to achieve so that they would be able to understand your objectives and for them to carry out the right procedure for you. They will first check the state of your teeth and do some measurements so that the right thickness will be applied to achieve natural looking white teeth. Next is the shaving process where the dentist will have to shave the right amount of enamel from your teeth. There will be a little pain but tolerable and local anesthesia will be applied by cosmetic dentist Chicago. Normally, it might take two weeks for your personalized Lakeview porcelain veneers to be ready for attachment. The attachment or bonding process uses lightweight cement that is hardened through a light beam. Then, you can now smile with those perfect white and beautiful teeth that would look so natural. Also remember to do a follow up check up to ensure that your Lakeview or Wrigleyville porcelain veneers are completely adhered.