Historic people in the face of your dollars are just too boring! So I decided to try changing it for that fresh and modern look of the dollar:

So how do you find the new faces of the 10 and 1 dollar bills? Cool, isn't it? With this new dollar look, your savings will most likely to increase. Just look at the photo and you'll have second thoughts of spending it. weeeeeh! :D

Oh! Too bad I'm spending peso!

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.
In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved.
You'd like to your lover to think you are loyal and faithful... that you'll never change.
You would be forced to break up with someone who was ruthless, cold-blooded, and sarcastic.
Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.
Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.
You think of marriage pessimistically. You don't think happy marriages exist anymore.
In this moment, you think of love as commitment. Love only works when both people are totally devoted.
Are these the keys to my heart?
Oh, I don't know!
But this sounds true, huh. . :D

Here's another quiz I took!
The third sentence was not a surprise to me. But I don't know with the last one. . :

Guys Like That You're Fun

You're the type of girl guys brag about knowing
That's because you're cool, funny, and laid back
You're smart enough to know how to be one of the guys
But flirty enough to know how to make them all want you

twelfth of july

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22 nko. . ! \m/
(and so, and so?)

many are confused of my real birdie. .
well its twelfth of july. :p

click here for my birdie song . . .

Dologs, short for Dionisio Dologmanding, Jr., our beloved classmate and my groupmate to a number of groups. He just passed away last June 24, 2007 at the age of 21, if I'm not mistaken. He has worked in a call center at Dumaguete after graduation and his illness started there. We haven't seen each other nor contacted since after graduation. I still sometimes don't believe it. Remembering the times with Dionisio, it feels sad to lose him.

Reth and I used to tease him with Michelle because they went home together after class. We even used to eavesdrop on them. We also became groupmates, who were sort of rebels, when we joined the Convergence competition. It was him who sent our entry and told us the news that we were chosen as finalist. At first we didn't believe him because it was really an absurd idea. We did the entry hours before the deadline amidst the busy people who drop.

I admit that Dologs had bad times with us during our fourth year in college. Well, all of us did had a bad time with each other. He may had his fault but the fights we had were considered to be more of professional one because it was about our case studies. I even remembered him cursing back at shella which was unusual of him. But I can say that it didn't affected our friendship much. Despite the bad times he had with us, our friendship has just strengthened.

We even share the victories we had as a group in AdCamp and even in Marketing Research. Dologs is a treasured friend who will remain in our hearts and we'll always cherish the times we spent with him.

k e S S e n i s m

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Haven't posted for a while coz i've been busy with my new blog. . heheh don't know what made me do it. But anyways, to those who have my link on their site, kindly update the info. .

new URL--> http://kessenism.blogspot.com

I still have your links there so please update or you may also add my new link. Thank you! :D

My friend ElyB couldn't play well coz he hadn't won in 6 games. I really think he's into something. . Hmm. . let's read between the lines:

ely B: regards kay jackie ah
ely B: ;))
ely B: :p
keSSen: waaah :x
keSSen: oi dol
keSSen: kw knu dretso hmbl cya!
keSSen: :P
ely B: wahahaha huya ko :">
ely B: ;))
keSSen: :))
ely B: kay celine n lg ko paregards mas lapit
keSSen: lawlaw
ely B: :))
ely B: :p
ely B: lawlaw ka mgregards
keSSen: ikw gd ya
keSSen: pra regards lng huya gd
keSSen: hmm. .lain gd mn kng :x ah
hmm? he's claiming he's so unlucky today. .how about this idea?
ely B: te
ely B: beset
ely B: kamalas gd ah
ely B: :((
ely B: :(( :(( :((
keSSen: heheh malas ka lng gd mn gru
ely B: :((
ely B: b-)
ely B: d na ko mgpakita kita da
keSSen: mu gd mn na gru ang mga inlove
ely B: kahuluyah
ely B: :((
keSSen: waaaah LLDA
keSSen: inlove ka lng mu na
keSSen: balance of nature bah
keSSen: ;))
ely B: wah
ely B: keSSen: balance of nature bah<---wat u mean?
keSSen: teh ky swerte ka sa love. .malas ka sa pool. .
keSSen: ako malas sa love, swerte sa pool
keSSen: life is somehow fair
keSSen: ;))
ely B: :))
ely B: =))
ely B: LLDA
keSSen: =))
keSSen: :p
ely B: as in
ely B: =))
keSSen: hahahah :p
keSSen: yudee in love :x

*names were changed on purpose and ym emoticons were replaced with codes
Ok, this post is not to further tease you guys, I'm just wondering with Ely's performance. . :D
Till here, time to send report! hmmm :x

m a i a

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Been with Maia recently, one of my best friends in high school. I really miss the old days. Good thing Maia remained the same Maia I've known for years. So there, couldn't help ourselves taking souvenir pix of our trip to Iloilo together. We just met at the terminal accidentally and we went on a bus ride together. She was too excited with her new Nokia phone. Sorry Mai, forgot the model. heheh But with the long bus ride that we had, we never figured out how to open the back case of her cp (Too busy making faces at the cam).

Whoa! I really miss the old days. I miss my high school friends. . . I hope we'll be able to have a get-together soon.

watta days!

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T'was my only godson's birthday last May 10 and was celebrated last May 12. I thought there might have a mini reunion among the Brodbeck but to our (Lyo, Val and me) surprise only drizzle, excel and aiza were there with john mark. Well, it was nice to be with them once again.

Then we couldn't recognize our godson anymore! He's grown big since the last time we saw him. Oh well, that was 2 years ago. heheh and his godparents didn't change that much. Still Brodbeck in nature: came at the party late for about 2 hours and gave him unwrapped gift and just added extra cash on it. So how is that? tsk tsk if only JB could say "grow up!"

I came home in the evening already and hasn't slept yet. I first went to Mishall's house to attend at the fiesta before going to the birthday.heheh So no wonder why I am at this state now. Been really feeling bad since Sunday. Couldn't get rid of this cough, grrrrrr! To add up to that, I was not able to vote! double grrrrr! My name wasn't in the list. They said it could have been transferred to the other school which is miles away. They didn't even bother to give me a notice. Why? Because they have sensed that I'm not going to vote for them? Duh Makes me want to ever vote no more.

I'm broke, sick, sober,disappointed and alone so help me God!
hee hee hee

Ok, this is going to be longer than usual. My body is still aching because of the rides and the stresses and the. .hmm excitement? weeeh :D

We made it to bora last weekend. We had doubts of not going to be able to make it but we did! We didn't plan the details of the trip because we usually fail on that. We're good on last-minute-things so we just planned on going there and schedule it whenever Bamboo's going to have a concert there. Fortunately, they were scheduled on April 29, so at least we've seen hopes. Strongest motivation? BAMBOO! yeah, rock n' roll! heheh plus, we had a bonus sponge cola and (MY) Epy. :D

First things first:

1. Cottage/Room. We didn't have cheaper room or cottage to stay. Thank God, nong junior couldn't resist our charms and agreed for us 4 to stay in one room for PhP 2,000.00.

2. Smart Event Venue. We thought of going to swim at the beach but in our hearts, we were excited about the concert that we ended up looking for the venue. So it's there at the station one. A bit far from our location but still, "walking distance" heheh!

3. Sponge Cola. Yael's on full performance level that when I held his hand, couldn't get it off and had to shake it hard. waaah!

Here's a sneak peek. . .

4. Aftermath of Sponge Cola. We were really satisfied with Yael that we could still feel the intensity. We were still energetic to take pix even though we still haven't had enough sleep since we stepped out of the office that morning.

5. Transfer videos and images. We had to prepare for Bamboo so we had to find an internet cafe to transfer our pix and the videos. On our way, we saw Ira at Hey Jude! waaaah I can feel the intensity for the night's big event. Anyways, what a bad luck for us! Didn't have electricity power that morning. .

6. Henna Tattoo. While worrying for the electricity power, we stopped by a henna tattoo stand to get ourselves tattooed. Met Dan the botmen, sugar and mai of Boracay Republic and Sweet, the pretty Astig Girl.

my STELLAR tattoo ^_^

7. Just after getting tattooed, the power came back and we went to the internet cafe to transfer the files. So there, the cp is now ready for the main event. hekhekhek

8. Banana Boat Ride. After lunch, we prepared for the banana boat ride of our lives! This is the reason of our arms aching until now.

On our way back to the room, we saw Bamboo!!!!!!!!!! waaaah I felt so weak that I wanted to faint! He's having his lunch with Pancho at the restaurant beside Hey Jude.

9. Skim Boarding. Time to try Skim Boarding. Well, I just slid and fell twice in front of the crowd but still didn't fully learn the art of Skim Boarding. It was fun and tiring though.

10. BAMBOO! Now preparing for the main event. Upon arriving, we had to settle for the perfect spot. At first, we managed to go to the front side until it drizzled. As MY EPY has pointed out, the rain was a blessing. Yes it was because the people at the center stood up while we went at the front despite the drizzle. So I had a closer look at my EPY :D

After a number of games and other performances, the time came for the main event! waaaah Bamboo na!!!!!!!! Killing in the name! The aching arms and legs were ignored. My BOO was in front of me doing his trademark moves and stylish singing. His bandmates, Ira, Nathan, and Vic were still incomparable as ever!

Waaah! Because of over excitement, I wasn't able to save the last part of their performance. It was pretty interesting where he ended up the show singing, "Di Matatapos" many times even after they were all gone off the stage. Haaay. .Bamboo you really rocked me! grrrr

The Bora trip was overwhelming that I love to go back there. But thinking twice, I think it was Bamboo who made it so overwhelming.

Nang Anne - our main contact at Bora
Nang Anne Sarale - for the referral of the room
Nong Junior - for the room and for giving us a discount
Nong Jake - for the entrance at the Jetty Port
Dan and the other man - for the bonus tattoo
Christian - for the photos :D
Phyce and company - for the skim boarding tutorial
Epy - for making my heart beat faster
BAMBOO - for making making my summer damn hot! you rock!
GOD - for making these all a reality

So, it was not just One Rock Summer Night after all. . ;)

Mishall Marbebe. .Marbebs, chell, mitch, che, or simply michelle. But to bolee, she is Mishall. . nice nick she got from bolee.hihih Mishall is my bestfriend in college. .and we got along with grazey and shella which made us the "F4." She is now a Manager at Mang Inasal-Mandurriao, she is also the SK Chairman of Brgy. Guintas, Leganes, Iloilo. She is known to be "the sleeping beauty" of our group because at 10pm, she is already drowsing off to sleep (without us knowing) while we are doing case studies, marketing plans, reports, and even when we did the HASA headdress for the magnates. While we crave for bamboo and the rest of the band members, she craves for Rico Blanco (and his look-alike).

Hmm. .what else. . Oh by the way, I made this post in honor of my bestfriend because she's kind of mad that she could not find her photo in my blog. hahah so I hope this would satisfy her.

i bit bol ja

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How would you react, or what impression will you make if you receive a text message, that says:

"I bit bol ja"

It's a text message I received from bolanoy. A helper in the boarding house where I'm staying. If you you are not from Ybiernas, you might not know him. If you do not know him, you'll never understand what that sentence means. Wonder what it means? It means,

"Hi Beth bol (bolanoy) ja," he's speaking in karay-a dialect. Ja means here.

The sentence, I bit bol ja, just sounds cool though. :D

rock n' roll! \m/

The first time I saw this newly-painted church at my hometown, Roxas City, I was, hmm. .shocked(?) to see the color. I think this is just the first time I saw a Roman Catholic Church in this color and structure. I don't know what to say first. But I really found it destructing that I even have to put it here in my blog.

But when I came back and took this picture, well, it looked clean though despite its color. The church is now being renovated. I don't know if this is somehow connected to the election season. With the past history of snakes coming out from the ceiling of the church, I daresay it badly needs renovation.

The selection for the new 7 wonders of the world is now online. Too bad any of the Philippine structures were not included. I just casted my votes at new7wonders.com for the following:

Angkor Cambodia
Colosseum, Rome, Italy
Easter Island Statues, Chile
Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto, Japan
Machu, Picchu, Peru
Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Germany
Stonehenge, UK

Among those I chose, the Stonehenge and the Easter Island Statues appeals to me most. I have read about these before and i'm really impressed with the structures. These are the real wonders. Here's the given description of it in the new7wonders.com:

Easter Island
Statues Discovered on Easter Sunday, 1722 by Dutch explorer Jakob Roggeveen, this collection of 25 meter-high stone sculptures still puzzles historians and archaeologists as to its origins. It is believed that a society of Polynesian origin settled here in the 4th century and established a unique tradition of monumental sculpture. Between the 10th and 16th centuries, they erected the enormous stone figures, known as the Moai, which have long fascinated the entire world and endowed this island with a mythical atmosphere.
represents: Mystery & Awe
Construction of Stonehenge took place between ca. 3000 and 1600 B.C. With each stone weighing around 50 tons, it is regarded as a truly amazing feat of engineering. Although it is not clear who built the monument, nor for what purpose, it has been speculated that it was either a temple dedicated to the worship of ancient earth deities, an astronomical observatory or a sacred burial site.
represents: Intrigue & Endurance

Love's first snow-drop, virgin kiss. ~Robert Burns

How did it happen that their lips came together? How does it
happen that birds sing, that snow melts, that the rose unfolds, that the dawn
whitens behind the stark shapes of trees on the quivering summit of the
hill? A kiss, and all was said. ~Victor Hugo

In celebrating the Valentine's Day, Lovapalooza was made where couples gather to show their love for each other through a kiss. There is something about a kiss that connects two people together, and I mean a kiss that's not lustful. Something that brings them to anywhere they can't explain. A kiss that seems so special, a means of expressing two people's love for each other.

It just triggered me off because of Incubus' song, A Kiss To Send Us Off, form their latest album, Light Grenades. My fave track from the album aside from Anna Molly, Earth to Bella, Quicksand and Love Hurts. I like the song and the content as well that it doesn't appear to be malicious but rather you can feel the intimacy in a kiss.

Meet me here
On November 11th, come alone
Bring your mouth
And selective irreverence
We'll both see stars, just

Kiss before the sky falls
This cloud we're hovering on
To send us off

A kiss to send us off
A kiss to send us off
A kiss to send us off!

Kill your doubt
With the coldest of weapons
No more words, OOooooooooo
Just the sound of resplendent
Tongues colliding

Kiss before the sky falls
This cloud we're hovering on
To send us off

A kiss to send us off
(repeat xtimes)

Here I am, there you are
On a wire connecting our hearts
Theres a string, and it's tied, to a kite
Theres a storm, in the sky
Now the clouds become electric
There you are, here I am
Could I
A kiss to send us off (repeat xtimes)

yeah right, brandon! give me a kiss to send us off!

Light Grenades Playlist
Meaning of Kiss

it's been a while since we spent time together,
in my old alma mater.
i am now struggling on my own
and you struggle on your own too
they're slowly eating your freedom
burning your legacy of open arms.
our fights in the past
will render useless
the sweat and blood wasted
because of their selfishness.
but let's not give up your freedom.
if they grab it, they might as well grab you and your name with it,
for UP doesn't only mean freedom, but UP per se is freedom.

Sugod! kasama c chiz! tayo ay magsama-sama. .

So far, this is the most sensible, not to mention rocking, ad for an election candidate I have ever seen. The candidate didn't exert much effort to show off himself. He just appeared to be the real him. No words were heard from him, didn't enumerated what he has done, nor danced with the masses, just there, and his message has been clearly conveyed to the public.

Chiz is really on top of my list among the senatorial candidates for the 2007 elections. I'm glad that he came up with a sensible ad and didn't used names like 'tol. Aside from his physical features--which resembles much like Bamboo--he proves to be a smart individual and handles situations calmly. Although he is with the opposition party, I don't see him having the same character with his partymates. He seems to have his own ideas and is not influenced by the people around him. Unlike other candidates wherein their fame are used by other people to access power in the government.

Here's more of chiz. .

Profile CHIZ
Francis Joseph Guevarra Escudero or Chiz was raised by parents who were both educators. His father, Salvador H. Escudero III, served as Department of Agriculture secretary during the Marcos and Ramos administrations.

He earned his bachelor's degree in political science and in law at the University of the Philippines. He later went to Georgetown University Law Center in Washington for his master’s degree in international and comparative law.
He served his first term in the 11th Congress in 1998 and Assistant Majority Floor Leader and Senior Deputy Majority Leader in the 12th Congress in 2001 and in the present 13th Congress as House Minority Floor Leader.

Cool and confident, quick with his words, and unwavering in his commitments and conviction, Chiz at 37, is in his prime. If his political mentors rewarded him with a smile and a pat on the back for what he accomplished as a boy of 28, they now regard him with respect and value his professional advice.

Ang aking mga adhikain at pangarap para sa bawat Pilipino. Hiling at dalangin ko na sama-sama nating pagtulungan na makamtan ang lahat ng ito.

Ang inyong boses sa Senado, Chiz Escudero

source: http://www.chizescudero.com/chiz/index.php
join team chiz here: http://www.chizescudero.com/chiz/teamChiz.php


I am not a paid individual to advertise or promote chiz escudero. He is my personal pick for the elections and I strongly support him.

this is in response to grazey's entry on her blog entitled, jealous and envious. . she says:

"have read the meanings of these much-felt words most especially by women towards another women in shirley conran's Savages. According to the novelist, being jealous is wanting what she has, while being envious is wanting her not to have it...herherherdont we feel these feelings, girls?it applies to the boys also. but they are just not that obvious compared to us.anyway, here are pictures of women you'll get envious or jealous of (according to my instinct and valuable calculative mind) smug,smug!."

on her lists were Lucy Torres, Miriam Defensor, herself among others. . Here is the photo of a girl who sums them all up!

Slap Army Mari, reporting for duty, sir! (toink, LLDA)

finally! I got my copy of Project 11-41 by Slapshock! whew! Patience really paid off well. Actually, I couldn't believe I could ever find a copy of Slap's 3rd album. Project 11-41 is one of my fave album. I had a copy of this before, a pirated one. It was released in 2002 and I have seen a repackaged copy of this I think in 2004-2005 at SM City. When I was about to buy it that time, the last copy was sold already. I don't know but I think it got me frustrated that I still go to that section where I first saw it for about two or three years now and to my surprise, there were copies of it yesterday at the store. There were 5 I think. So I grabbed 1 and now here I am, too excited, that I couldn't hide it, posting it here.heheh

you can download it here: PROJECT 11-41

My friend is blooming lately.heheh (kilig ko ah) Is she inspired? In love maybe? She just said that she is a lady now. What does that mean? Hmm. . she has been up to something lately, been a bit secretive which is untypical of her. Well, grazey and I are just waiting for her to open up since grazey has been into similar situation before and we just waited for her to open up.

She has been in a dilemma, whether to get her hair straight or not. But lately she has been so decisive to get it straight. Well, she made the right decision coz it fits her. She looks more of a lady now. With the way she act now, so different of her.

Well, seeing happiness in her eyes makes me happy for her, too. (kilig ko ah, kilig gd ko ya). Here's the photo of my lady friend:

Audio barangay is supposedly Bamboo the band's name. I just fetched this info from game ka na ba ages ago. Just remembered it when I saw Nathan's message in their new album, We Stand Alone Together. I guess Nates just described here the essence of the existence of Audio Barangay, or popularly Bamboo (band).

One of the songs covered by Bamboo in their 3rd album, We Stand Alone Together is Tatsulok, originally by Buklod. There's nothing really much of a difference between Bamboo's version from Buklod. Bamboo just enhanced the song rocking it with their instruments and his signature voice making it more powerful and inspiring.

When I first heard the song I said it was a bit of a leftist in nature. When I heard the original version, I remembered my org in college, LFS. These kinds of songs are being played by the org and yes it is patriotic in nature.

Some says that this song is just in time for the elections 2007, that there might be political motives behind this. But the only message that the band wants to reach out for the Filipinos, cliche as it may sound, is to Vote Wisely! Yeah, vote wisely folks! This is an opportunity for us to make a move in reversing the "tatsulok."

Here's the two versions of the song from Buklod and Bamboo:

Bamboo's third album, "We Stand Alone Together" will be out in stores today. whew! finally, the long wait is over. heheh (excited) The album is composed of revival songs from different artists, local and foreign. Their carrier single "Tatsulok" is an original from Buklod.

With the release of the band's new album comes their new website design. From black and red accent to black and orange. As what my friend, shella, said, "orange is the new red."

As our excitement has been overflowing (or rather overreacting) we saved the pictures by saving a screenshot of it since it is in flash. Little did we know that the photos are also in the gallery section. hahah that's what you call, "TRUE-BLOODED BELIEVERS."

it's a girl thing

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it's only feb. 23, 2nd month of 2007, and it's my 3rd period already!

wow! I though I have a regular period but is this what you call regularity??? oh come on!

heheh actually yes but I think this is too soon. .really. :sigh:

the end.

One of the band's single for their third album, we stand alone together, is Probinsyana. Here's the video of their performance at unang hirit. .haaaay. .Bamboo you never fail to amaze me. :x

Who would expect this song from Bamboo? I hope he still loves the Probinsyana image


Ang Probinsyana
ay d basta-basta
mhirap bolahin kailangan haranahin
ang kanyang lakad mabibighani ka

d biro, babaeng probinsyana
mahirap amuhin ang probinsyana
pag napaibig, wala kang duda

sa umaga pisngi namumutla
pg nakasaya maaakit ka
ang kanyang lakad mabibighani ka

d biro, babaeng probinsyana
mahirap amuhin ang probinsyana
pag napaibig, wala kang duda
probinsyana, probinsyana

aking diwata saan ka pumunta
lumuwas ng maynila, dala ng pangarap nya
ang kanyang lakad, mabibighani ka
nasan na aking maria clara!

mahirap amuhin ang probinsyana
pag napaibig, wala kang duda
probinsyana, probinsyana

It's Incubus frontman, Brandon Boyd's, Birthday!

Icubus has just released their 6th album, Light Grenades, and their first single released was Anna Molly. Incubus' music is just one of my favorites (plus the frontman of course!).

here's quotes from the birthday BoyD about their latest album.

"Now on our sixth album, we (Incubus) have been writing music together long enough that there is a sense of perspective available that has only come to us with time. Some of our earlier works, though pure and even fun at times, lent to a sense of disorganization; a readily apparent lack of focus in my opinion. I have always said, "Yeah, we suck...but we're really good at it!"

"I think I can speak for my band when I say that we are interested in movement, experimentation and freedom. Being in this band has allowed us the freedom to move in and around other artistic endeavors. Like meandering streams we each wandered off over the past two years; only to be drawn unconsciously back to the ocean where all streams converge. And thus composed 'Light Grenades', our sixth studio album. What I am getting at (sort of) is that art has rescued us in many ways. Through circumstance, chance, good fortune, a teeny, weeny bit of talent, and an ardor for expressivity, Incubus has survived long enough to garnish a perspective onto itself. "Like a camera taking a long shot with a wide angle lens," we conjured 'Light Grenades'; a forty-seven and some odd seconds long bulbous mass of sound and intention captured on tape. 'Light Grenades' that explode with consciousness, light, art and mind. If you enjoy it, we thank you. If not? Then my dog is French and he already pooped under your pillow."


just had a good sleep. woke up around 5pm. . and had a dillema:
am i going or not? (am i going to watch slapshock at robinson's alone or not?)

allright. .que sera sera again!
ok . . (ligid ligid)wait, i'll just text my globe friends. .hmm hmm. .

1 message received: from pakz
"pak, mga 7 lng ko puli, ri pa ko rob, watch ko dny slapshock.heheh lld lng ky bev"

waat?OMG! Why didn't she f****n' tell me??grrr!
so there, I went to rob straight ahead.
waaaah!finally i met JAMIR GARCIA! . . .and of course my drummer boy, CHI EVORA!

At a state of euphoria, I was able to get a video of their performance, with trembling hands. I'm really amazed with Jamir's voice, BASKOG! so manly and . . bsta. . Again, using the charming diskartetionary tactic, I was able to take photos of them and with them at the DICKIES store.
Jamir: " mamaya sa pier 16 ha"
keSSen: (still shocked) "ok ok"(am i going there?Nah, have work later.huhuhuh he's so tempting)

patikim lng. .heheh

opportunity cost: 2k!

more videos and photos :D

hahah this photo i think is almost 6 years old already. I have forgotten about this actually, hopeless to have a copy of it. I haven't seen it since the day it was developed until now. This is Leoneil's undie I've taken from his bag and took a good old remembrance from it with Maia while he's out there enjoying the splash of water under the heat of the sun. heheh thanks to mikkie for keeping a copy of it.

Oh, how I miss you guys. It has been more than a year since we spent time together. The way we celebrate our reunion party. . heheh, a bit senti mood here. . anyways, I can still remember this was during our xmas party at Sta. Ana.

here's more of Brodbeck 2002

(btw, mai, are we drunk here? Or just stayed long under the sun? hmm. . I think it's the latter :D)

wow! after almost a year, the pictures are now here. .heheh

fun fun fun!

that's all i can say!
this is during the baccalaureate exercises.

what do you expect?


no way!
not in our vocabulary, sorry. .

wow!onyok never heard from you since then. .

h e r e ' s m o r e o f i t . .

havin' fun with my cam

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just another boring day with my pakner. Got nothing else to do in the boarding house, so made fun with ourselves. We captured different emotions here with different situations (or shall i say positions?).

On the 28th of January will be the celebration of the Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo City. For the past 2 years, Bamboo was the main event (at least for me) of the Festival, sponsored by a Telecommunications Company. The concert has been usually held on a saturday night just before the Dinagyang at Sarabia Manor Hotel. Since last year, before they had their concert at Pier 16 last August 31, 2006, I've been waiting for Dinagyang because I was expecting they'd come. But I've found out that they'll be having a concert tour in Australia just in time for the Dinagyang. Waaah! All the adrenaline rush I had was gone! I somehow don't care for the festival anymore. For me, Dinagyang means Bamboo!

But that's not the climax for it all! Just recently, their Australian tour has been rescheduled due to Australian visa and immigration delay. Waaaaah! If only this was foreseen, they could have been here. So now we might just be visiting the "container ban" with the sign "welcome eversun."

Now, nemixx told me that she heard there will be a surprise band on sunday, 27th. We have been joking (and half hoping) that it might be Bamboo. Hahah or maybe it could be "eversun." Makes sense, why would there be a sign at the "container ban," welcoming eversun?lol Maybe they could have put "eversun joins dinagyang '07."

i'm broke!

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huhuhuh (lol)

dunno what happened. .my 240+ prepaid credit went down to 12 in just a snap!
waaah! must have been with the wap settings i've been downloading from the net. .
ok ok. .my fault!

all of you out there! watch where you're going. Taking risk is different from being dumb. :D

s l u r p !

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i suddenly feel hot!

Bamboo, why do you have to look that gorgeous??

. . can't help but drool ! :P

thanks to wackoyacky from flicker for the photo. .peace man!\m/


We Stand Alone Together (by Bamboo)

. . .is the band's third album to be released on February 16, 2007. It's carrier single "Tatsulok" has been launched already and it is political in nature. I wonder what this album is all about. . patriotism? hmm, that's for us to find out!

Today is January 18 and, oh, I still have to wait for for almost a month (sigh). Hmm. . their album cover seems to be different than the previous two. Well, Bamboo is Bamboo and I know this album rocks!

Just for the record. . My header image is cropped from their poster for this album. heheh

"venting in SILENCE"

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i just wanna scream right now but unfortunately i ca’t let it out vocally. So here I am, venting in SILENCE!

BAMBOO!!!!!!!!!shit, ahs n shit!why do you have to be like that??

I am currently listening to their live version of hallelujah and oh shit! what a version, really! I love his style so much, makes me wanna . . sssccreeaaaammmm(?)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BAMBOO is such a tease. . grrr!


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Totoy, bilisan mo, bilisan mo ang takbo..
ilagang mga bombang nakatutok sa ulo mo
totoy tumalon ka, dumapa kung kailangan
at baka tamaan pa, mga balang ligaw…
totoy makinig ka, wag kang mag-pagabi
baka pag kamalan ka’t humandusay dyan sa tabi…
totoy alam mo ba, kung ano ang puno’t dulo ng di matapos-tapos na kaguluhang ito…

Hindi pula’t dilaw, tunay na magkalaban..
ang kulay at tatak ay di syang dahilan
hangga’t marami ang lugmok sa kahirapan at ang hustisya ay para lang sa mayaman…
habang may tatsulok, at sila ang nasa tuktok di matatapos itong gulo..

lumilikas ang hininga na kayraming mga tao.
at ang dating munting bukid ngayo’y sementeryo
totoy kumilos ka, baligtarin ang tasulok
tulad ng dukha na ilagay mo sa tuktok!

this is a single from the band BAMBOO which is part of their 3rd album "We Stand Alone Together" to be released soon. Tatsulok depicts the country’s situation right now. . At the top of the triangle are the Bourgeoisies which composes the smallest percentage of the country’s population, whereas the bottom part are composed of the masses. The country is claimed as a democratic one but in reality, it is semi-feudal semi-colonial. So, for the country to be truly democratic, the tatsulok should be reversed.

p.s. I learned this idea from an organization I used to join in school. . Peace Man!

slap you!

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wanna be slapped???